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Middle East

We offer a variety of exciting itineraries that will transport you back in time to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Cruise on the Sea of Galilee, Pray at the Western Wall and visit many other historic sites.

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2030 Oberammergau Passion Play Itineraries

The Passion Play is a masterpiece that dates back to 1634. Over 412,000 visitors experienced the 2022 play.

Click on this link to enjoy an "interview with Jesus" namely with Frederik Mayet, one of the two villagers with the honor of playing the role of Christ in 2022.

European Destinations

TWT offers customized itineraries to take you all over Europe.



Discover the wilds of Africa with a custom designed safari.

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Australia & New Zealand

TWT can connect you to Australia in a way like no other. Australia has gained a reputation as a warm and hospitable country; a reputation that it exceeds without question.

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