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Concert Tours & Music Groups


The opportunity to perform in one of Europe’s great Cathedrals, to participate in a workshop with the Vienna Boys’ Choir or simply to share music with a local band in the Austrian Alps is a dream which Trans World Travel, Inc. has made true for countless choirs, bands and orchestras.

So whether you are a Jazz Ensemble of 20 or Music Director of a 200-strong Community Choir, you know that with our over 70 years of experience your concert tour will be fine-tuned to the last detail, leaving you to relax and concentrate on your performance.

Our expertise and experience guarantees your music group prestigious venues, appreciative audiences, the best quality accommodations and transportation and the services of a full-time, professional tour manager to ensure the smooth integration of both concert and sightseeing schedules.

Take a look at some of our suggested itineraries on the Explore Itineraries page.

With the assistance of our expert staff, you choose and customize your itinerary, then leave the rest to us.


Contact us to see how we can help you in planning your concert travel.

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