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2030 Oberammergau 
Passion Play Itineraries

TWT will offer Passion Play departures from the beginning of May 2030 through the beginning of October 2030. If you are interested in a particular itinerary listed below, contact us for dates that tour is available.

We will have Category 1 Play tickets for all groups!

The Passion Play has a history of almost 400 years and bears witness to the Christian faith of a whole community that dates back to 1634. Approximately 412,000 visitors experienced the 2022 edition of the Passion Play.

The Plague

During the Thirty Years War, in 1633 the plague reached even the tiny Alpine village Oberammergau.

The Vow

If God would release them from the plague, the village would perform once every 10 years the story of the Passion of Christ. From the moment the Vow was taken, no-one else in the village died.

The Play

A single performance to fulfill the Vow has developed into a masterpiece of drama and music - a moving testimony to Oberammergau's Christian faith.

"Interview With Jesus"

Click on this link to enjoy an "interview with Jesus" namely with Frederik Mayet, one of the two villagers with the honor of playing the role of Christ.

Oberammergau Passion Play Tours: Specials

Oberammergau Passion Play Itineraries

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